Alpha Ship Spotlight - Cynabal | EVE Online

Alpha Ship Spotlight - Cynabal

2017-12-27 - By CCP Falcon


Today’s Ship Spotlight will focus on the second of the Angel Cartel vessels in the group we’ll be exploring – the Cynabal class cruiser.

On point during any Angel Cartel raid, the Cynabal is a fast attack cruiser that excels at providing a platform for hard hitting guerrilla warfare. With three bonuses dedicated to maximizing the damage application of its four turrets, plus a bonus to warp speed and warp acceleration, the Cynabal is adept at staying ahead of the pack while also having the ability to inflict crippling damage.

One of the earliest designs to come out of the Angel Cartel, the Cynabal’s function and blueprint has barely changed over the years, and it has remained a key vessel within the Cartel's fleet since it was first introduced.

In Detail:

Class: Cruiser

Weapons: 4 Turrets

Slot Layout:

  • 5 High Power Slots
  • 5 Medium Power Slots
  • 5 Low Power Slots
  • 3 Medium Rig Slots


(Per level of Gallente Cruiser)

  • 10% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret falloff.

(Per level of Minmatar Cruiser)

  • 10% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret damage.

Role Bonus:

  • 25% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret rate of fire.
  • 50% bonus to warp speed and warp acceleration.