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Amamake Defence Force Claims Anti-Violence Agenda

2010-03-19 - By Svarthol

Amamake, Heimatar - A group of so-called vigilantes who call themselves the Amamake Defense Force or ADF have formed to attempt to enforce non-violence in Tama, Old Man’s Star and Amamake. These systems are purported to be a “hot bed” of activity in inter-factional warfare. Their leader, Spectre3353, credits Helicity Boson for the idea, though many ADF pilots claim Spectre3353 undervalues his own role in their formation.

The ADF plans to patrol these systems with fleets of “officers.” When acts of hostility are detected, they claim they try to quell the violent acts in a non-lethal manner, employing various types of electronic warfare.

According to the ADF spokesperson, Spectre3353 (also of Python Cartel.), fleet members are generally from the Jerk Cartel Alliance. Reports indicate that the ADF fly Blackbird-class electronic warfare cruisers with a mix of other ships. Despite the allegedly-good intentions of the ADF forces, regional law enforcement considers the use of electronic warfare against a ship unflagged for aggressive behaviour to be a hostile act, regardless of its non-lethal properties.

Upon entering a system, the Amamake Defense Force claims it warns possible trouble makers with the following broadcast: “All pilots must stand down and cease all aggression and violent actions in these systems or face the consequences”. They then proceed about the system scanning for trouble spots and interceding where they can, in what they claim is an attempt to keep the peace.

According to Spectre335 the “police” operations have not yet achieved the desired goal, which is “to foster a safe and friendly universe for all.” The ADF has “lost many good officers” to hostile fire. The team is currently considering several new strategies including “training and bringing in an ADF 'SWAT' team to assist with our inability to squash violence in our targeted systems” and several others that Spectre3353 was not willing to disclose.

Many ADF pilots were also involved with the spate of "suicide kills" associated with the Hulkagedon events. Spectre3353 professed a change of heart in the interim, however. "Hulkageddon was a mistake. I was young and did not yet understand of the ramifications of my actions. I am incredibly apologetic for my role in its success."

N'grasta of Evil Doers [ELFEN], a Federal Defence Union corporation reported an encounter with the ADF where-in they might have destroyed his fleet, yet they warped off claiming to be "anti-pirate." This, he stated, made him feel that "their claim is valid" but he went on to say that he had seen many of the same pilots "actively engage in [piracy] in the low-sec systems between Villore, and Nourvukaiken." As a result, he said, "Until there is more evidence that members of the ADF are true to the claim that they are 'defenders of low-sec' they will be considered valid targets by the majority of our fleet commanders."

It remains to be seen if the Amamake Defence Force will hold true to its professed agenda of enforcing non-violent behaviour in the hotly contested systems of Tama, Old Man Star and Amamake, or whether the call of piracy and "sweet, sweet... tears" will prove too strong a lure. All ADF pilots involved in the operations so far have, however, professed great enjoyment in the activity.

GalNet References

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