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Amarr Loyalists Push into Minmatar Territory in Metropolis

2010-12-12 - By Svarthol

​​Floseswin, Metropolis - Recent events have seen Amarr Empire corporations, including long-time loyalists 1st Praetorian Guard [1PG] push forward to "reclaim" systems in the Minmatar Republic for the Empire.

Borakh Tieberius of 1PG said that by following "the vision" of Legatus Gangleri, his corporation has focused mainly on the Aset cluster in Metropolis which has seen them capture systems such as Floseswin, Turnur and Isbrabata.

"The vision is about vigilance, dedication, cooperation, and of course, faith." It does not include the idea of unity with the full forces of the 24th Imperial Crusade, however, following controversy over the last year about the involvement of pirate forces in the militia and the past habit of many militia corporations of raiding into space controlled by CVA, one of the older groups to profess loyalty to the Amarr Empire. Borakh contnued by saying "Allies is dangerous word" and stating that instead, 1PG work closely with Knighthood of the Merciful Crown and Amarrian Retribution.

Others who fight for the Amarr Empire appear to care little for faith and reclamation, however. Racnotonas, of The Imperial Fedaykin, claims that they fight the Minmatar for "the sake of fighting", claiming it is out of "boredom."

Despite the loss of systems, capsuleers within the Minmatar Republic do not seem worried, as Vikkar Chanti, a member of CTRL-Q, showed when asked about the recent system losses he simply said, "Good for them, but eventually we'll take it back."

Sasawong, of Independent Corp, who is seen as a leading figure in the Tribal Liberation Front, contributing a great deal to system captures and liberation, claims that "most of the work" for the Amarr is done by "third-rate fighters." He is also confident that the Republic can regain the systems lost so far and that they will "claim more in Amarr space," saying that "the door swings to both sides."

As the Amarr loyalists seemingly push forward relentlessly in the Metropolis region, those who fight for the Minmatar Republic are apparently calm and confident of a resurgence against their enemies, but it will be interesting to see if their confidence remains high if the tide continues to flow in the 24th Imperial Crusade's favour for much longer.​

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Recent loss of systems in the Metropolis region
Amarr Militia killboard
Minmatar Militia killboard

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