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Amarrian Loyalist of the Year Winners Announced

2009-12-16 - By Svarthol

Amarr - Domain, 13 December 111, the winners of the Amarrian Loyalist of the Year awards for 111 were announced.

The awards ceremony was held at Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy station where the nominees and supporters gathered to hear the results of this year's voting. Rodj Blake leader of PIE Inc led the ceremony. The first award, that of PIE Officer of the Year went to Mitara Newelle who was described by a fellow officer as personally inspiring to them by her "commitment and dedication to the defence of the Empire". She received a number of Amarr Navy Slicers as her prize.

Next up came the award for Loyal Servant of the Year, the nominees for this award were, Lonewolfnight (CVA Executor), Lost InCogneto (Amarrian Retribution), Lupus Aurelius (Legio V Fidelus) and last year's winner Nephilim Xeno (24th Imperial Crusade). The winner of the award and a Navy Issue Omen was Lost InCogneto.

Last but not least was the award for Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year, the final four nominees for this award were, Battlestar Crusader (Absinthe Brothers), Gangleri (1st Praetorian Guard), Grr (Epitoth Guard) and Tobias Primus (Innominate Magistarium). Before presenting this award, Rodj Blake had this to say: "These pilots between represent all that it best about Amarr. With people like them around, I am confident that the interests of the Empire are well-served - be it on the front line fighting against the Shakorites or in the defence of the Amarrian colonies in Providence." He then announced that the award and the prize of a Navy Issue Apocalypse class battleship had been won by Grr.

The winners were congratulated by their peers and wished all the best for the coming year.

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