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Ammatar scientist safely extracted from Huola

2008-08-08 - By Svarthol

Dresen Karnell, the Ammatar scientist who was stranded on a habitable moon in Huola for nearly two weeks, has been found and successfully extracted. Karnell was reported to be severely dehydrated and suffering from numerous non-life threatening injuries sustained from his crash. He is being cared for by the Amarr Navy and is expected to make a quick recovery.

Karnell - whose present location and scientific research for the Navy is classified - has sent his thanks to the 24th Imperial Crusade pilots whose tireless efforts at reclaiming Huola from Minmatar Republic occupancy made his rescue possible.

With the rescue of Karnell, the 24th Crusade is standing down orders marking Huola a priority target and recommends that its constituents resume normal activities against the Tribal Liberation Force.