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An interview with Midna - part 2

2008-03-14 - By Svarthol

Kang: So you were recruited as an addict?

Midna: Recruited sounds bad, doesn't it? I wasn't really recruited. Father Saudius never asked me for anything. He never said, "Midna, if you leave, you're going to Hell" or "You're not allowed to go" or anything like that. He just helped me get over my addiction. He helped me get clean. And when I was, he didn't ask me to stay. He just said he was happy to see I was alright. But I came back the next day. And every day after that.

Kang: Where do you think you'd be if not for Father Saudius?

Midna: I don't know. Dead, maybe. Even if not, I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't have revived my career. I wouldn't be happy. I would have just kept destroying myself until there was nothing left.

Kang: All of this controversy started because of lyrics on Lifeblood. Since you've admitted that you're a follower of the Sani Sabik faith, does that mean the interpretations are correct?

Midna: Some of them, yes. Others, they're pretty funny. I saw someone saying that Night Box had something to do with some ritual - one that's totally made up, by the way - when it couldn't be any further from the truth. But yes, the fact is, a lot of the lyrics on Lifeblood are about my experiences battling my addiction and overcoming it. And a big part of that is the faith.

Kang: What do you say to those people who think that you're songs are attempts to recruit for the Sani Sabik faith?

Midna: There's that word again, recruit. I'm not trying to recruit anyone. I'm telling my story. If people are moved by my words and take away that they should find religion, then great. That's wonderful. I believe in the tenets of the Sani Sabik. I think they're the most wonderful thing a person can belong to. But I'm not going to hate anyone because they don't believe what I do. We are in the Federation, after all. Religious freedom and tolerance is a big part of that.

Kang: Interesting that you say that. Because a lot of people see the Sani Sabik as equaling the Blood Raiders. Certainly, a lot of the protests have centered on that.

Midna: And that's an incorrect belief. It's factually in error. The Blood Raiders are, like I said earlier, practitioners of a different version of the Sani Sabik faith. I don't do anything violent. I don't condone violence in any form. The Sani Sabik faith is a very misunderstood faith, partly because of the Blood Raiders and partly because of the old Amarrian elite turning it into a bogeyman because it challenged their ideals of an unchanging spiritual purity and strict caste system. Really, at its core, the Sani Sabik faith is very Gallente.

Kang: So you're not worried about the protesters?

Midna: Not really. They are free to express their opinions. As long as they do so lawfully, I am not affected by them. I may be sad that they're being so bigoted, especially since their leader is someone who supposedly came to the Federation to escape that sort of thing. But it doesn't affect me personally.

Kang: How does it feel to finally be open with your faith?

Midna: It feels good. I don't think faith is something a person should try to hide, or feel ashamed about. I certainly don't, so I wondered why I was hiding it? After talking with Father Saudius, I finally decided to come out with it. And no matter what happens, I am glad I did.

Kang: So what can we expect from you now?

Midna: I'm still touring for Lifeblood. That's going to take up a lot of my time. Touring has been a real joy this time around. You know, I've been doing a lot of my shows at small clubs. They're a lot more intimate and really let me connect with my fans on a personal level. It's been really special. I can't wait to get back to it.

Kang: Of course. But, one last thing before we go.

Midna: What's that?

Kang: Can you sign this poster for me? My daughter is a huge fan. When she heard I was going to interview you, suddenly, being an Interstellar Correspondent didn't seem as boring to her.

Midna: Of course, I'd be happy to.

Kang: It was a pleasure, Midna.

Midna: The pleasure is all mine, Mr. Kang.