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And Now an Important Word from Customer Support

2009-03-13 - By Svarthol

Dear players,

As Customer Support (and the whole of CCP) is tackling the issues following our biggest expansion to date, we want to thank you for your patience and share a few points with you all.

There is no denying that our petition queues have grown considerably after the release of Apocrypha and that trend might continue for a few days. Unfortunately, this inevitably means that our response times will increase slightly, but this added delay varies between petition categories. The "Stuck", "Billing" and "Technical" categories remain our top priority and we will do all we can to keep our service quick and effective in these areas. Here are some tips on how you all can help us achieve quicker service:

  • Please always file petitions in the appropriate category. There is no gain in trying to slip your petition into the priority categories if they don't belong there. It just means that we have to spend more of our and your time moving them to where they belong.
  • Please do not file multiple petitions on the same issue in different categories. And if you have already done so, please take the time to cancel all but the one in the correct category. We are seeing quite a bit of this, and it's slowing down our services to the detriment of everyone.
  • Please cancel all open petitions about issues that have already been resolved. Many of the initial issues occurring post-release have been resolved with hotfixes and it will benefit everyone greatly if all obsolete petitions would be cancelled.

There is no special client to download for the "Premium Lite" version of EVE!

We just wanted to make this clear as we are getting a lot of questions on this. Some earlier statements and dev blogs seem to have indicated that there exists a specific entity called Premium Lite. Premium Lite was and is basically a working term for a set of settings within the Premium client.  There is no special download, you simply download the regular Premium client and then you click the Optimize Settings option in the ESC menu. From there you select Optimize for Performance and you have yourself something that could be called Premium Lite. You can then experiment with tweaking your client further, eventually ending up with what suits you and your system best. We suggest calling your personally optimized client Premium Midi but we're not forcing the name upon anyone. We just think it sounds cool.

Apocrypha information

If you want to learn more about the new features of Apocrypha, we recommend checking out the following pages in the EVELOPEDIA (which should always be your first stop when shopping for information on EVE)

Enough of this reading stuff! Get back to flying internet spaceships (after you cancel that duplicate petition that is)!

Best regards as always,

EVE Online Customer Support