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Announcing EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden

2015-03-13 - By CCP t0rfifrans

Greetings, fellow immortal capsuleers and space overlords!

Last year, CCP and Dark Horse Comics released a book called EVE Source. With illustrations and detailed descriptions of the lore of the EVE Universe, its success exceeded everyone’s expectations. EVE fans were happy. Dark Horse was happy. Logistics companies were happy. Paper mills were happy. Trees and octopi were not happy.

Yet while happy, the EVE fans were not content. Au contraire! They wanted more. “Moar hawt picz” as someone put it. Luckily, an even bigger endeavor was in the works:

CCP and Dark Horse Comics are proud to announce the release of EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden. A massive compendium of concept art, covering the origins of EVE Online to the sprawling universe, now manifested between in EVE, DUST 514 and (Soon™) EVE: Valkyrie. At 192 pages and roughly a thousand images, this book tells, by definition, close to a million words ( if each picture tells a thousand words, that is to say ).

Wealth of Unseen Art

This book contains a plethora of unseen material, along with some classics. We discovered that much of the original concept art from EVE was sitting in dark, musky drawers, deep in the bowels of the art department. Those were rescued, scanned and filed. For digital art, servers and backups were scoured. Every nook and cranny of the internal CCP network was crawled in a relentless art preservation and data gathering effort that would have made national museums and intelligence agencies proud. The art must be unearthed.


Dead End Thrills Screenshots

We have long been fans of Duncan Harris’ website Dead End Thrills. Duncan takes screenshots from popular games, often providing a novel perspective on worlds that we think we knew already. He has done so for EVE, with great success. We reached out to him and commissioned several new EVE screenshots especially for this book, and he graciously allowed us to reprint several others he had already made and shared with the public

Ground warfare illustrated

As well as containing hundreds of EVE Online concept images, this book contains a lot of previously unseen images from the surface of New Eden’s war-torn planets, illustrating the different terrestrial landscapes and installations, some of which are theatres of war for DUST battles.

In stations

What is behind The Door? Well, even though you can’t open it in EVE Online, you can still see what station interiors look like in the minds of our artists.

Rides of the Valkyries

We were able to secure work in progress concept art from CCP’s upcoming VR dogfighting shooter EVE: Valkyrie, fresh from our development team in sunny Newcastle. Valkyrie adds yet another dimension to New Eden, the world's largest living work of science fiction, and we are excited to share glimpses of it with you.

The Standard Hardcover and Kindle Edition – Open for Pre-orders

This book will be released in three different editions. First, there’s the hardcover. This is the book that you would find on or at Barnes & Noble or Forbidden Planet. It’s beautifully printed, solid and affordable, at $39.99 (and even lower at some places). There’s also an e-book edition, available at various online retailers.

Launch dates:

The Uber-Limited edition

Now this Limited Edition is quite something. It comes in 2001 units, which is not a lot. EVE: Source’s Limited Edition came out in 1400 units and sold out in less than 7 hours and it didn’t have as many pretty pictures as this one.  Come to think of it, we should have done more than 2001 units. But then it wouldn’t have been limited. Ah, the dilemmas of our age!

Check it out:

Bound in white, non-animal-suffering-faux-leather, it comes in a custom sleeve and is loaded with beautiful lithographs. The lithos are signed if you are one of the lucky first 1000 who makes an order. It also contains an anodized aluminum commemorative plaque featuring our home away from home, Jita 4-4. The plaque has a code that redeems for special in-game items to wear, in the same theme as the book itself. And it’s nice. It comes in a solid white protective case . It also is exactly the same size as the EVE: Source limited edition, so if you have that one, this one fits right in next to it!

Fancy threadz

We added a redeemable code to the limited edtion, that will give you these shiny clothes, to slip into as you flip through the pages.

On sale March 20th at 15:00 GMT

The Limited Edition will go on sale Friday 20 March at 15:00 GMT/11am ET/8am PT. You cannot pre-order it. You have to make the order once it goes live. But take heed. It will sell out. This is not us just saying that. We realize it will sell out and after that, there will be no way to get one online.

Out of the 2001 copies, CCP staff actually got primae rights, so 110 have been purchased already by spaceship-loving CCPers. Another 150 went to Dark Horse Comics and will be sold at their booth at conventions and events such as San Diego  Comic-Con in July. A final 150 units went to IKON publishing in Australia, who will be making them available there. That leaves 1591 books available to order.

To keep shipping costs down, we split the stack in two and are shipping half out of the US and half out of Europe. Rest of world countries will received theirs from the US. So we have 795 units in the USA and 795 in Europe. 

We have created a custom page for ordering this edition.

You can check it out, but no orders can be made before March 20th at 15:00 GMT.

Thank you for reading!

We are very excited to hear what you think about this book, and having the opportunity to share it with you. 

Torfi Frans Olafsson
Creative Director, EVE IP develoment