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API spring cleaning

2012-09-19 - By CCP Illurkall

Greetings space people!

My name is CCP Illurkall and I have been tasked with maintaining the API for the foreseeable future. To start with there is some spring (fall) cleaning that needs to be taken care of. These changes have been in the air for some time and they are something that we feel is needed to keep the API neat and tidy.

API Keys

As you may already have noticed we have two different types of API keys:

  • Old API keys, also known as legacy API keys
  • New API keys, also known as customizable API keys

The difference and reasoning behind the creation of the customizable API keys are detailed in an earlier DevBlog. It is now time to move on and leave the legacy API keys behind and focus on the customizable API keys. Therefore as of 04.10.2012 it will no longer be possible to create legacy API keys. Specifically, the functionality currently located at //community.eveonline.com/api will be removed. Existing legacy API keys will still work as before and be visible at //support.eveonline.com/api. This will have no immediate effect on third party developers or apps relying on legacy API keys except that players without existing legacy keys will not be able to use the application.


For some time now the API has been available at //api.eveonline.com while still being accessible through other non-https urls. This was announced in a DevBlog some time ago. As of 04.10.2012 all requests to //api.eve-online.com and //api.eveonline.com will be permanently redirected to //api.eveonline.com. We strongly believe that all communications through the API should go through HTTPS channels and are therefore making this change. Third party developers need to verify that all communications to the API go through //api.eveonline.com.

What you need to do

Third party developers and people using the API should make sure to:

  • Use //api.eveonline.com
  • Use and support customizable API keys

These changes will be put in place Oct. 4, 2012.