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Ardishapur school chancellor appointee draws criticism

2008-11-27 - By Svarthol

Shuria - Yonis Ardishapur's naming of theologian Derak Tanar to the chancellor post of the under-construction Ardishapur Institute of Education has drawn criticism from numerous Amarrians.

Tanar, who had been a professor of theology for over thirty years and a provost of the Royal Amarr Institute for the past fifteen, was appointed chancellor in a nondescript press release earlier this week. Almost immediately, the move drew criticism from across the Empire. The majority of the criticism comes from Tanar's outspoken views on the purity of Amarrian heritage and the inferiority of those of non-pure Amarrian blood.

Tanar has been the center of criticism before, most recently three years ago when he gave a lecture entitled "Scriptural Evidence Supporting the Continuing Servitude of Udorians, Ealurians, Khanid, Ni-Kunni, and Minmatar." The lecture advocated a stripping of title and privilege from all citizens of the Empire who were not of pure True Amarrian ancestry, including reducing the royal Tash-Murkon Family to the status of commoners. The backlash generated by Udorian, Khanid, and liberal Amarrian Holders, in addition to threats of funding withdrawal from numerous wealthy non-True Amarrian merchants, resulted in Tanar receiving a year's suspension with pay from the Institute.

While serving in the position of provost of the Royal Amarr Institute, Tanar regularly ranked highly on performance reviews. He was considered for the position of school chancellor several times, but was never appointed to the position by the school's board of trustees. While the trustees were ambiguous on their reasoning, most outside commentators believed he was passed over due to his social views.

Ardishapur defended his selection of Tanar as chancellor. "Tanar is overzealous in expressing his views regarding Amarrian purity. His views do not impact my own, nor will they impact the viewpoint of the school itself. However, I believe he is an excellent choice to administer the functions of the Institute. He has far more experience than many other candidates in the position. His position is an administrative one, not as a lecturer or professor. And I have yet to hear of any displeasure on the part of the non-True Amarrian nobility that reside within my domain. Considering that the school is primarily for residents of my space, I would only reconsider if they spoke out about it. I do not expect that to happen." Ardishapur went on to reaffirm that the Institute will be open to any citizen of the Amarr Empire, with tuition discounts offered to residents of space under the control of the Ardishapur Family.

Tanar declined comment.