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Asking for directions

2011-11-17 - By CCP Mannapi

Hi there. I am CCP Mannapi from the TriLambda team, aka the space art people. We are working on the new nebulas, with the goal of adding a sense of direction and location to the world of Eve.

When looking at the flattened star map you have the concept of north, south, west and east. To see which direction you are facing you can open the mini map (F11) and look at the cone of vision. With the new nebulas you can be to the east of, let’s say, the cloud ring phenomenon and look west, and see the cloud ring nebula. 

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The good folks on Singularity correctly noted in this thread that the star gates should be pointing toward their targets.

We have now oriented the star gates so that they aim at their destinations. A star gate taking you west will now be facing west. But there are more directions in space than the cardinal directions, namely up and down. Solar systems can be right on top of each other, many of which connected with jump gates. The gates will now tilt up and down correctly pointing towards the receiving gate in the destination system. This really shows us how three dimensional the world of Eve is.

We realize that some people have bookmarks at the gates, which might now be located inside the rotated star gate. If this happens to you we apologize for the inconvenience, and you may need to move the bookmark.

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