Alliance Tournament XV: The Results | EVE Online

Alliance Tournament XV: The Results

2017-08-21 - By CCP Logibro

Hello Capsuleers

On July 29, we started with 64 hopeful teams, each eying the Alliance Tournament Cup. Now, one has emerged victor over all other contenders. Congratulations to VYDRA RELOLDED for winning Alliance Tournament XV after a close fought series against HYDRA RELOADED who receive second place. L A Z E R H A W K S have managed to achieve a respectable third place in their first ever tournament, while Northern Coalition. round out the final four teams, equalling their performance from Alliance Tournament XIV.

Congratulations to all the teams that competed! Prize PLEX will be distributed to teams over the next two weeks and other prizes will be distributed over the next few releases - watch for a mail from CCP Logibro when they're delivered. If you missed all the action from the weekend, VODs are available on the CCP Twitch channel, and videos will be available on YouTube in the next few days.

It’s been a real blast, and we’re looking forward to the next tournament opportunity we’ll be bringing you. Until then, fly safe and remember: The best ship, is Championship.

-CCP Logibro and the Tournament Team