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Alliance Tournament XV: Schedule and Brackets

2017-07-05 - By CCP Logibro

Hello Capsuleers

We are pleased to announce the official brackets and schedule for Alliance Tournament XV are now available on the Community Website. The first match of each day of the tournament are at the following times:

Teams should make sure to check when they’re competing and ensure that their captains are in the Alliance Tournament Captains channel at least an hour before they are scheduled to compete. Only captains and co-captains will have access to this channel, so if your captain or co-captains are unavailable and you are having issues you should directly contact CCP Logibro.

Additionally, teams practicing from Thunderdome today will find that there is a new UI for teams as they compete. Details can be found in this forum post.

Make sure to be there for the first matches when the defending champions The Tuskers Co. take on Red Alliance in PE1-R1, while Pandemic Legion face off against Good at this Game in JB-007. We’ll see you on the EVE NT TV stream when it all kicks off. if you want to discuss the line-up or anything else to do with the tournament, make sure to visit the Tournament Discussion forum. Until then, keep flying the best ship: Championship.

On behalf of the tournament team

-CCP Logibro