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Attempt made on Midna's life during concert

2008-05-04 - By Svarthol

Luminaire - During her concert on Caldari Prime, Midna was shot in the stomach at point blank range by an assailant who then committed suicide. Midna was rushed to the hospital where she is in serious but stable condition as DED agents attempt to piece together the evidence of the night.

Approximately midway through her set, Midna briefly halted her concert to perform a ritual that has now become commonplace in her act. She called five members of her fan club who had been previously selected by her security onto stage. The fan club members were to engage in a blood exchange ritual with Midna, an act that has become quite coveted among her fans.

As the third member of the fan club approached Midna, he drew a weapon and pointed it at her. DED officers in the crowd, who were present watching for Blood Raider recruiters, credit the fast reaction of venue security for saving Midna's life. One security guard charged the gunman and hit him right as he fired, redirecting the shot away from any vital organs.

As security and DED officers swarmed the stage, the gunman managed to put the weapon to his own head and pull the trigger. Midna was immediately air lifted to a nearby hospital, where she was stabilized. There is expected to be no lasting damage.

The DED officers cooperated with local police officials in taking statements from fans and security personnel, then turned over the official investigation to the local authorities.

The gunman was identified through DNA analysis as Lucius Zant, an Amarrian with long criminal record. He had last been seen in civilized space three years ago as he fled Amarr officials into null-sec space at the Aridia-Fountain border. Police are unsure as to his motive, though strong evidence points to it being religiously motivated. Whether it was as an agent of the Blood Raiders or as a lone zealot of the Amarrian religion is still up for debate.

It is believed Zant replaced the member of the fan club expected to participate in the ritual. The fan club member, Let Kazuma, has not been found and police are proceeding under the belief foul play may be involved.

Midna has yet to make a public statement and her representatives say it will be some time before she is able to speak to reporters. The rest of Midna's tour has been canceled.