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Attention Fanfest Attendees - Weather Warning!

2015-03-10 - By CCP Falcon

Video courtesy of the brave and noble CCP Logibro

Given the earlier time of the year that Fanfest 2015 is being hosted (March as opposed to May for Fanfest 2014) and the particularly wintery weather we're experiencing right now here in Reykjavík, we would like to offer a weather warning to all Fanfest 2015 attendees, in order to ensure that everyone arrives in Iceland equipped with the correct clothes for the season.

As can be seen from the photos and video above, the weather here is pretty chilly at present! While the amount of snow isn't equal to that which the United States has seen over the last few weeks, Iceland is notorious for its incredibly strong winds (particularly during the winter) which can cause severe blizzards and bring some of the most major roads in the country to a standstill, or close them completely. 

High winds in Iceland can also cause singificant windchill and while temperatures right now are hovering around freezing ( 0°C / 32°F ), inclusive of windchill, actual temperature can be significantly lower. Blizzards are also a thing due to the wind!

We'd like to recommend that all Fanfest attendees ensure that they pack sufficient amounts of warm clothing, and prefereably include water and wind proof overcoats in their luggage, plus good walking shoes. This is especially relevant for those who will be attending outdoor activities such as the pubcrawl and Golden Circle With A Dev.

You should also be mindful to take advice from CCP Explorer and CCP Loki during the cold weather and enjoy hot drinks and hugs!

For up to date information on weather you can visit the website of the Icelandic Met Office, and for up to date status on the roads in Iceland you can visit Vegagerðin.

For information regarding the status of Keflavík Airport and flights arriving and departing, you can see the Keflavík Airport website.

Airport disruption due to the weather has been minimal at this time, so we wish you all safe travels, and we'll see you in Iceland next week for a celebration of all things New Eden!