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Aulmont Meis Named Head of Senate

2010-04-19 - By Svarthol

Villore - In a close vote, Senator Aulmont Meis was named as Mentas Blaque's successor to the coveted position of the Head of Senate. Formerly head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Meis has nearly four decades of experience within the assembly.

A graduate of the University of Caille, Meis went on to graduate studies in international relations at the prestigious Hedion University in the Amarr Empire. Mr Meis returned to Caille to pursue his doctorate in diplomatic studies. After serving in the Administration's diplomatic corps for 12 years, during which his experience in negotiating with the Amarr was particularly useful, Meis served a term as one of the Gallente Federation's special envoys to the CONCORD Assembly. This distinguished diplomatic career led to an easy election to an open Senate seat in his home district of Dodenvale, as well as a junior position within the Senate's Foreign Relations Committee.

Since that time, Meis has continued to be an active voice in the Senate. Though some critics allege that he is too willing to negotiate, his voting record indicates his capablilities with taking a hard line against other nations when the situation warrants. Very much a consensus-builder, Meis exhibits none of Mentas Blaque's contentiousness.

With Meis taking on his new role as the Head of Senate, his old position as head of the Foreign Relations Committee will be filled by Renvieve Jolousse, the next most senior member of that committee.

Aulmont Meis will be sworn in during a special ceremony tomorrow morning. President Jacus Roden and a number of other key government officials are expected to be in attendance.