Awareness 101! Reported Phishing Attempts Against EVE Online Accounts! | EVE Online

Awareness 101! Reported Phishing Attempts Against EVE Online Accounts!

2016-08-11 - By CCP Falcon

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We have recently been made aware of a phishing scam that is currently targeting EVE Online players.

As can be seen from the image above, emails are being sent to members of the community that contain links that lead to a bogus version of the EVE Online Single Sign On page.

The mails are typically disguised as mails from Customer Support, Team Security or the Community Team, informing the recipient that a PLEX or character transfer has been completed, that a support response has been issued or a competition has been won.

Please be sure that you carefully check the URL of any sign on page asking for your account credentials thoroughly before signing in, and don't hesitate to contact Customer Support or Team Security should you feel that one or more of your EVE Online accounts may have been compromised.

At CCP we recognize the incredible amount of time and effort that EVE Players put into the development of their characters and corporations, and the security of your EVE Online accounts is of paramount importance.

Sadly, there are individuals out there who would seek to gain access to your characters and assets with nefarious intentions in mind. Please be sure to be extra vigilant and ensure that you are connecting to a legitimate CCP service before signing in!