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Balance Changes in the next Patch

2004-05-20 - By Eight

This is intended as an overview, an executive summary, of things coming with the next patch/db update to Tranquility. Most of this information has already been covered in greater detail in various forum threads or previous dev blogs (which are linked), and most will be reposted later in the patch notes. Most of it has been in testing on Chaos for some time now. All of it is subject to change. ### Please post comments regarding specific changes in the relevant (linked) thread.

  1. Accuracy: Related Dev Blog
    1. Turrets now have more difficulty hitting targets which are smaller and faster than the turret was designed to attack.
    2. Microwarpdrives now increase a ship's Signature Radius proportional to the speed boost. This makes them roughly as easy to hit with the MWD active as inactive.
    3. The 'base' Signature Radius of each class of ship has been changed. Frigates are now 100. Industrials are now 150. Cruisers are now 200. Battleships are now 400.
    4. Projectile Artillery turrets have had their falloff reduced by half as falloff is much more significant in the new system.
    5. Interceptor Skill Bonus of Reduced Signature Radius changed from 10% to 5% per level.
    6. Scanner now shows the same 'transverse velocity' as is used in the accuracy calculations.
  2. Missile Changes: Related Forum Thread
    1. Missile classes now restricted to a particular class of launcher.
    2. Smaller missiles have significantly improved speed.
    3. Flight times adjusted.
    4. Launcher Capacities altered (increased, less reloading).
    5. Launcher Rates of Fire altered to reflect the new class restrictions.
    6. New module: Cruise Missile Launcher I introduced as a battleship-class launcher with lower requirements than Siege.
    7. New module: Ballistic Control System I added as a damage and RoF mod for missiles and launchers.
    8. Assault Launcher is now a cruiser class launcher which fires light missiles.
  3. Caldari Ship Bonuses Changed: Related Forum Thread
    1. Caldari ships are considered either gunships or missile boats.
    2. The missile boats now have a 5% per level thermal damage bonus on missiles.
    3. The gunships now have a 10% per level bonus to optimal range on hybrids (up from 5%).
    4. Typhoon optimal bonus increased to match.
  4. Missile Skills
    1. Skills for each missile class only give a damage increase for that class of missile (example: Light Missiles, Cruise Missiles, etc).
    2. FoF Missiles skill gives Damage bonus to all FoF Missiles (Level 5 FoF gives you the same damage as a non-FoF Missile).
    3. There are new skills for missile flight time, velocity, etc, which affect all missiles classes.
  5. Missile Physics have not been altered.
  6. Drones have not yet been altered.
  7. EW/ECM has not yet been altered.
  8. Laser Balancing: Related Forum Thread
    1. Amarr ship bonus of Reduction in Energy Turret Capacitor Usage changed from 5% to 10% per level.
    2. Laser Crystals increased in EM damage.
    3. Fitting requirements of Tachyons reduced.
  9. Fitting Requirements: Related Forum Thread
    1. Battleship Fitting capacities altered.
    2. Siege Launcher increased in powergrid requirements.
    3. Large Armor Repairer increased in powergrid requirements.
  10. Autocannons have improved Rate of Fire (except for the low end module in each size class).
  11. Optimal Range of 250mm, 650mm, and 1200mm Artilleries increased.
  12. Cap Recharger I (medslot) increased in recharge rate.
  13. The shield recharge rate penalty on Capacitor Power Relays has been replaced with a shield boosting penalty.
  14. 200mm and 350mm Railguns have been added.
  15. Mines can no longer be loaded into missile launchers, Related Dev Blog.
  16. Fixes 1. Nosferatu now work as expected (do not cost capacitor of the user). 2. Meta Ion Cannons give appropriate powergrid to fit with TL1 Module. 3. Meta 425mm Railgun module's capacitor usage adjust to fit with TL1 Module. 4. Signal Amplifier II now has correct stats. 5. Imperial Issue Apcoalypse no longer missing ship bonuses. 6. Heavy Energy Neutralizer I BP no longer has TL2-like requirements for research. 7. Electron Blaster Cannons are no longer named "Dual Heavy Ion Blasters" (including Metas). 8. Meta modules for the large Ion Blaster Cannon now appropriately named.