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Big patch on the horizon, sneak peaks part I

2005-05-04 - By CCP Oveur

Like I have mentioned a couple of times before, we have a big patch coming up. Many have heard the name the New World Order and that it will feature a number of new capital ships.

However, this patch is just the beginning - or ramp up - to what we call internally the real "New World Order". As can be seen in the similarly named blog, this patch brings changes to 0.0 chokepoints and the removal of some empire highways. Increasing tension between a number of factions within the EVE world is resulting in some serious new coalitions emerging due to the rising hostilities, where old brothers in arms join forces to prepare for the storm rising.

As such, this is more groundwork, although these changes are by no means small, the eclipse is later this year where we'll see some real changes start to happen to the EVE universe as a result of this rampup, where the pilots star having real effects on ... well, more on that later this year.

That's it for this parts big sneak peak, other honorable mentions which you will be able to test drive on Singularity are considerably more durable Logistics Cruisers, armor plates and shield extenders getting a significant increase, shield boosting has been improved slightly and mobile warp disruptors get smaller, cheaper and faster (and hopefully working 100% all the time).

Stay tuned for the next ... uhm ... 3 sneak peaks. Well, maybe 4. Either way, there's more to come! Oh, one last question on your minds, which is probably "when?" will not get answered this time around, but the Dev Chat tomorrow over at might include more tidbits about the patch ;)

(Log of the Dev Chat is available here)