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BIG 'Triple Titan' Lottery Drawing Date Extended

2009-11-03 - By Svarthol

BIG has extended the drawing date for their "Triple Titan" lottery an additional thirty days in order to give time for additional capsuleers to get in on the chance to own up to three of New Eden’s most powerful ships. Each of these ships is worth an estimated "seventy to ninety billion isk".

According to TornSoul, CEO of BIG [BIG], "each ticket is valid for all three draws, so ten million isk could win you three titans." The titans, an Avatar-class and two Erebus-class, will be fitted and ready to be boarded by the winner(s). TornSoul states that "if the winner can't fly the titan, we will hold, on the winner’s behalf, a quick 'firesale' auction starting at fifty billion isk."

Thirty thousand tickets are set to be sold for this event. Should there be less than thirty thousand tickets sold by the drawing date, TornSoul states that "all ticket holders will be refunded."

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BIG “Triple Titan” Lottery

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