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Black Market Trading in Misu Baniya On The Rise.

2004-05-21 - By Svarthol

Black market trading in the remains of the Jovian ambassador Misu Baniya has reached record highs with prices going as far up as 4 million ISK per genuine part.

The air of mystery that surrounds the Jove is to blame for this black market trading, say Concord officials.

"Many people see the Joves as, somehow, superhuman. Divine, demonic, or highly advanced beings which will solve all our problems. As such, many seek to get in the good graces of the Jove, and are buying up as many of these organic parts as possible, to deliver them to the Jove." says Kirua Zemukov, Social Analyst for the DED.

Reports that the assasinated Jovian investigator, Veniel, made remarks about his government's plans to retrieve as much of Misu Baniya as possible over the course of the next few months have further hiked up prices, aswell as the demand from biological research groups and religious fanatics from within the Bleak Lands.

Meanwhile, the SCC continues to remind citizens that black market trading in human organic parts is an international criminal offence.