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Black Rise Search and Recovery Mission Cancelled

2009-04-11 - By Svarthol

Luminaire – The Federation Navy announced the cancellation of a planned search and recovery mission to Black Rise. The mission was attached to Justice’s Reach, the Federal Defense Union campaign, as an effort to recover military equipment allegedly stolen from the Federation Navy two months ago.

“Our campaign to secure key systems in the Black Rise region has taken longer than is reasonable, “said a Navy spokesperson. “We have no choice but to cancel the mission. The Federation Navy cannot justify further expense on the campaign.”

The spokesperson also cited the recent occupation of the Verge Vendor border systems and the Intaki home world as reasons to redress their efforts elsewhere, describing the situation in these areas ”critically important.”

The Federation Navy also conveyed their gratitude to the capsuleer militia for their efforts in the recovery campaign. “While Justice’s Reach has been officially terminated, we encourage our militia to continue their push against the Caldari. We were unsuccessful in recovering our stolen property, but we will show them our capability in recovering our territory.”