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Blood Raider leadership under a veil of silence

2004-06-04 - By Svarthol

Leaders of the dreaded Blood Raiders have shielded themselves from the outside world following their mass scale collection of body parts in recent days. Omir Sarikusa has ordered all his top lieutenants to stay with him at his secret hideout deep in Blood Raider space, as the last steps are taken to complete preparations for his scheme involving the body parts. He does this to make sure that no information regarding this scheme leaks out too early. Though the Blood Raiders sustained heavy losses from fellow collectors, the Blood Raider elite is upbeat about the future, believing that great things lie ahead for them.

While many idly speculate what evil plans Sarikusa is hatching, DED doesn’t have the luxury to take this lightly and is sending scouting parties into Blood Raider space trying to find Sarikusa’s hidden citadel. Time is running out and DED officials have indicated that all possible avenues are being exploited to thwart Sarikusa and his comrades in crime.