Booster haul sparks rumours of Serpentis sponsorship in the Alliance Championships | EVE Online

Booster haul sparks rumours of Serpentis sponsorship in the Alliance Championships

2008-02-28 - By Svarthol

A routine cargo scan in Agoze turned up some unexpected results last night for the Federation Customs. Since the arrests of leading Serpentis agents last September, the region has been relatively quiet, and the Customs have moved much of their manpower out to other areas in the Federation. Expecting to find a small shipment of recreational Crash after a tip-off from an independent Capsuleer, Customs Officers were amazed to discover they had landed a far larger fish.

Concealed inside a shipment of consumer electronics, was a large amount of performance enhancing boosters, all of them of high quality, and of varying enhancement properties. The Vigilant class cruiser had started its journey in Phoenix Constellation, Fountain, according to the onboard navigational computer.

Angesse Yserriette, a spokesperson for the Federation Customs, had this to say, "It is quite obvious that we have intercepted a Serpentis delivery. The quality and quantity of these boosters is like nothing I have ever seen before, in over sixteen years on the job. Quite where the delivery was going to, and for whom, we cannot be sure, but initial results of our questioning has revealed they were due to go to one of the teams for the Alliance Tournament. Whether they were paying the Serpentis for the boosters, or it was some form of sponsorship, we can't determine."

Marketing and advertising guru for the Serpentis, Jansis Guirrerd, revealed "Yes, it was a shipment for a team. When you need that edge in combat, it makes sense to come to us. We're the leading manufacturer of Boosters, and when people want quality, we're the first people they call." He played down the significance of the seizure: "We have plenty more, the shipment size was small, a drop in the ocean to all intents and purposes. Think about it, our boosters could make the difference your team needs to be successful."

The Federation Customs announced that they will, once again, increase their monitoring on the routes into Placid from the Intaki Syndicate.