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Boozing in Stations

2008-10-03 - By CCP Eris Discordia

Hello, capsuleers!

How's life in the vacuum of space?  I'm not doing bad myself, thank you. At the moment I'm listening to Vitalic remixes while jotting down some words to keep you all up to date. So here is the real blog, and I won't bother you about the weather in Iceland (sunny!).

We are making good progress on WiS. We are continuously testing, designing, integrating, iterating and polishing on our internal server, but something is missing. Something big is missing and it's making me a sad panda, so instead of crying more we found a good temporary fix. What was missing is the MM part from MMO - the massively multiplayer part.

Our fix? Open up the internal release for the Fanfest attendees so that for a few days our internal release will be public! We are really looking forward to showing you how far we have come and that it's starting to look like a real game now. We also want to know just how addictive the mini game is, as we are pretty much hooked on it ourselves. We have high hopes for this project, and we want to see what the players think of it so far.

This is not a public beta, or alpha or whatever, because it's still very much in development, but we wanted to share what we have done with the players. There is only so much that we can explain through pictures and visual aids. In the end, you need to experience it in order to get a good idea of what we are truly doing.

Fanfest being Fanfest, you can expect lots of presentations and, if you are interested in Walking in Stations, you cannot miss the presentation from CCP t0rfiFrans. t0rfiFrans is a very entertaining speaker and he is anxious to explain all that we have done so far, what we have planned to do and to show you the first sneak peak of WiS. After that you had better hope you are wearing running shoes, because after that presentation we will open up the room where you, the players, put the MM in MMO. For the first time ever, you will be able to walk around together in a station. You don't have to hold hands while you are doing the walking together though, but you can drink together and play games... together... in an MMO.


If you are an information junkie, then Fanfest will provide you with the biggest hit you have had in a long time. Aside from CCP t0rfiFrans' presentation there will be roundtables and several other presentations about Walking in Stations that will focus more on specific areas such as design and art.  If you aren't currently a supporter of WiS then I'd still recommend attending one or more of these presentations. They'll provide you with more information about what we are doing and it also gives you an opportunity to let us know what will make WiS more enticing to you.

It's not all about WiS either; Fanfest is the place to be for the latest information on what's in development now and what's in concept for the future of EVE Online.

Until then, I want to leave you with a written preview:

It's a humbling experience, every time. Your legs need to be reminded of the fact that they have a function, that you are supposed to walk upright and that they are supposed to carry your weight. You fall on the floor in a heap of slime and meat held together by skin, muscle and bones. Suddenly, you cough up the goo that is covering you and you drag your sorry ass to the shower. Who is the proud Titan owner now?

The moment when they slide out of the capsule is the most vulnerable you will ever see a pod pilot in EVE. It is a moment that is shared by all the races in EVE; Minmatar and Amarr united in this vulnerable and disgusting state.

_You walk out of the shower, having regained control over your body as well as a modicum of dignity. You continue your progress in becoming a member of the pod pilot elite once again by getting dressed, selecting the nicest uniform you have. _

You leave your captains quarters, take a deep breath and pretend you weren't on the floor covered in goo a few moments ago. It's time to have some fun, be admired, and spend money on women, gambling and booze.

That´s it for now. See you at Fanfest!