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Boundless Creation Set to Reopen 10 Factories By Year End

2008-09-16 - By Svarthol

Boundless Creation announced today its intention to begin an extensive reconditioning program across its industrial assets.  The initial stage of this program will see the reopening of 10 mothballed manufacturing complexes across the Republic by the end of the year. Analysts predict that the jobs created by this move will slow the continual rise in unemployment that has been plaguing the Republic's economy for decades.

The factory-complexes in question were all shut down within the last decade in response to the Republic's faltering economy, although in a move some are already calling "extremely astute", Boundless retained full ownership of the facilities and equipment. The factories are set to be refurbished and reopened on a staggered schedule, with two this month, three next month, a further three in November, and the final two in December.

The company has given no official estimate on when the factories will recover their re-start costs, but outside analysts have made a conservative estimate of three years, with some optimistically predicting they'll turn a profit within a year.