BREAKING: Angel Cartel Schematics Recovered | EVE Online

BREAKING: Angel Cartel Schematics Recovered

2023-07-21 - By EVE Online Team

Keen capsuleers,

As pilots continue to feverishly seek out and piece together Guristas design data, reports of fragmentary ship designs now being recovered from high-ranking Angel Cartel operatives illustrate an ongoing high-priority Salvation Angels initiative concurrent with Guristas efforts already underway.

Given the equal parts played by these underworld elements in the Guri Malakim raids this past May which saw the extraction of ancient data and technology from derelict Jove Observatories across the cluster, there can be little question that some manner of shared ambition has compelled the Guristas and the Cartel to pursue new designs.

But as more and more fragments fall into place, the seeming indifference of either organization to the revelation of what would typically be highly classified R&D increasingly suggests a deprioritization of security in favor of rapid development, leading many to wonder: just what could lead pirate factions to operate so openly, and what whispered ambitions are taking shape in the stellar shadows of New Eden?

Whatever comes next is yours to discover, capsuleer – we’ll see you in space!