BREAKING: Classified Guristas Documents Discovered | EVE Online

BREAKING: Classified Guristas Documents Discovered

2023-07-11 - By EVE Online Team

Inquisitive capsuleers,

A plan has been set in motion.

In the wake of the Empires’ shadow war, Guri Malakim raids centered on pilfering ancient technology, and the recent notice of new market interests among certain pirate factions, capsuleer sources are now reporting the recovery of what appear to be classified Guristas ship development documents from the wreckage of high-ranking Guristas commanders across the cluster:

Tantalizing as they may be on their own, the unguarded spread of these documents among the ranks of the Guristas alongside other recent events hints at a much deeper potential purpose; whatever may have compelled the creation of these designs, it is certain that their discovery represents only the first step on the path to illuminating far larger ambitions taking shape somewhere in the shrouded corners of New Eden.

Whatever comes next is yours to discover, capsuleers; venture out in search of secrets hidden among the stars and piece together the pathway to the next chapter in New Eden's history.

We’ll see you in space!