BREAKING: Mervan Moritok confirmed casualty, | EVE Online

BREAKING: Mervan Moritok confirmed casualty,

2010-03-25 - By Svarthol

Pashanai - Mervan Moritok, head of the Theology Council, has been confirmed as one of the roughly six thousand casualties of the Pashanai explosion. Habi Ghamri, Commander of Security at the Amarrian Ministry of Internal Order, has furthermore gone on record to state the explosion was not, as previously believed, caused by an accidental gas leak, but rather represented an orchestrated act of terrorism.

"This was no accident. It is an empire-wide criminal investigation at this point and will continue as such until we have apprehended those responsible," he said. "A clearer picture is emerging of the details on the site. We're confident we'll have some solid leads in the very near future."

When asked if the Empire believed the attack to have been politically motivated, Ghamri said, "At this stage the most we can do is speculate, but we aren't ruling out the possibility."