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BREAKING NEWS: Multiple Freighter Fleets Attacked

2009-12-03 - By Svarthol

NULL SECURITY SPACE - Multiple freighter fleets suffered severe losses this evening as massive logistical operations took place all across New Eden. The latest reports indicate twenty-seven freighters belonging to RAZOR Alliance [-RZR-] and SOLAR FLEET [SOLAR] fell victim to hot drops in separate attacks.

The first attack was reported around 20:02 when a large -RZR- logistical operation was surprised by Triumvirate [TRI] after bridging in to a control tower in NL6V-7, a -RZR- jump bridge system in Tribute. Ten freighters were destroyed in the attack while approximately fifteen escaped.

Just minutes after the first -RZR- freighter imploded, Atlas Alliance [ATLAS] hot dropped a fleet of SOLAR freighters on a stargate in Great Wildlands. At last report, seventeen freighter wrecks were reported surrounding the gate. A number of brand new infrastructure hubs were discovered in the wreckage.

Large scale logistical operations are expected to carry on throughout the night in all corners of the universe as sovereign alliances race to secure the new infrastructure hubs from various empire outlets. The "ihubs" have a volume of 750,000m3 and each unit costs five hundred million ISK.

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