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Breaking News: President Foiritan to End Term Early, Admits “Regrets”

2009-08-15 - By Svarthol

Ladistier - President Foiritan addressed the nation earlier today, formally announcing his resignation and calling for new elections. Because Foiritan's term is ending prematurely, the elections must be held in November, and he himself is ineligible to be a candidate. The president's speech was personal and conciliatory, revealing a softer side to the man who infuriated the nation days ago with his bid to seize control of the nation's arms manufacturers. The president admitted that his decision to invoke executive powers on the matter was "wrong," but emphasized that it seemed like the best solution to quickly mobilize the nation's defenses against the Caldari onslaught in frontier systems.

The full transcript is below:

"Honored members of the Senate, fellow citizens of the Federation, friends and well-wishers throughout New Eden:

"The time has come for me to step down as president.

"I have served this great nation as best as I could. If I could somehow express what the Gallente Federation and its people mean to me, I would do so. But I can't. There are no words. Nor can I describe how difficult some of the decisions were that we've faced, not just in the last year, but every day since I took this office.

"Any leader who serves for any amount of time will admit regrets. Let it be known that I certainly have my own. I say that despite the great accomplishments of the past six years-the ones that we achieved together. We have become the wealthiest nation in New Eden. We are pioneers in the reformation of worlds. We have created a better life for billions of people. And yet I am burdened by what we did not achieve, and the goals that we fell short of.

"This November, you will elect someone to continue where I have left off. I will not endorse any candidate who runs for this office, but I will fully support whoever wins your final vote. I give you my word that our government will transition smoothly over to your next elected leader, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that the voting process is fair.

"I have learned much of myself these last years. Indeed, we have learned much from each other. The greatest advice I can offer to the next leader is to empathize with the nations of New Eden. Know that no matter how deep our convictions to liberty and prosperity, it is a sad truth that they are not universally cherished nor admired. We have become the envy and scorn of many. We became the victims of our own success. And we have paid dearly for our complacency.

"But despite all that has happened, we must never back down from who we are. No matter what happens, we can't lose faith in the Gallentean beliefs that have carried us so well for so long. The tragic events of the past year shocked us all, but they don't have to rob us of our soul.

"As a nation, we have strayed from the path. I bear the responsibility for allowing it to happen. And I know in my heart that the Federation's interests are best served by stepping aside, so that the next president can set us right once more.

"The senate has accepted my resignation, which is effective this November. Until then, I will continue to operate the government in its full capacity. In addition, I have retracted my executive invocation of the Hueromont Act. In light of the situation with our frontier worlds, I felt this to be the best course of action to help our citizens. I realize now this was wrong, and that I should have instead worked directly with the senate and corporations towards a solution.

"The urgency of these times cannot be overstated. No matter what our differences, we must work together to overcome the challenges we face. For united-even now, in the final days of this presidency-we can, and we must, persevere.

"Thank you."