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BREAKING NEWS: Suicide Attacks Expected To Increase As Hulkageddon II Begins

2010-01-07 - By Svarthol

Teonusude, Molden Heath - Helicity Boson from The Jerk Cartel has announced that the Hulkageddon II contest, in which capsuleers compete to destroy the most exhumer-class vessels, will begin at midnight on 07.01.112 and run until the 14th.

The event offers a grand prize to the corporation destroying the most Hulks and Mackinaws of 3 billion ISK, an Armageddon battleship and a Shadow Serpentis Large Smartbomb, with further prizes for second and third place. Other awards are offered for success in certain specific categories, such as achieving the most kills in a single region, with a total prize pot in excess of 8 billion ISK.

While all methods of obtaining kills against exhumers are considered valid by the contest, the coming week is expected to show a dramatic increase in the number of so-called "suicide ganks" - that is, destruction of ships in high-security space by one or more fully- or over-insured tech 1 vessel without a declaration of war or other legal "killright." The attacking ship is then destroyed by CONCORD for its criminal act; such attacks therefore only have a few seconds in which to eliminate their target. They also usually (but not always) aim for the total cost of their insurance to be covered by the value of modules salvaged from their target's wreck after destruction.

Last year's Hulkageddon event saw destroyers sell out in many systems and prices on tech 1 cruisers and high damage ammunitions are also expected to rise.

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