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BREAKING NEWS: Tarac Nor Reveals Reasons Behind Ushra'Khan Betrayal

2010-07-24 - By Svarthol

4B-NQN, Providence - Tarac Nor has spoken for the first time since he was named as the capsuleer behind the Ushra'Khan [UNITY] disbanding.

Speaking exclusively to the Intersteller Correspondents, Tarac Nor stated: "Right now, Ushra'Khan is under new management."

With members of UNITY accusing him of doing it for ISK, Tarac suggested there were other reasons: "The ISK was a big motivation, but I can't say it was the only motive... I was getting bored with the alliance. Very few were active in the executor corporation and I suppose in the end I wanted to see how far things could go. I have to stress though, this wasn't meant to be personal."

Tarac described his action as a natural progression for UNITY as he believes a lot of their good corporations have already left. He did reveal a soft spot for his former UNITY wingmates however: "It will be interesting to see how the [capsuleers] who were left move on. I hope they can move on."

In closing he revealed there was an offer of a position for him for the near future: "I've been presented a position in HYDRA which looks like it could be fun. I think that's all I can really say for now."

HYDRA have previously stated a wish to see Providence restored to CVA, which may seem odd to some, given the two alliances' former hostile status. But the NRDS (Not Red, Don't Shoot) Providence under CVA was regarded by many of the more piratical forces in New Eden as a sort of hunting preserve - an area rich in targets and resources where they were guaranteed to see combat.

CVA's allies are already urging them to shun making any alliance with HYDRA while Ushra'Khan's old allies are changing their standings towards the UNITY ticker - many for the first time in years.

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