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Brotherhood of Sparta builds first known Orca Industrial Vessel

2008-11-25 - By Svarthol

On November 14th, 110 at 07:43, the Brotherhood of Sparta Corporation completed their first Orca industrial vessel.  They believe this is the first ship of its kind to be produced following the public release of the long awaited blueprint. 

Amendment : Recently leaked ship manufacturing and registry information (viewable here) has indicated that the above data is incorrect. An update will be posted when we have more information.

Most small corporations dream of being the first group to accomplish something amazing, and Brotherhood of Sparta feels they have done that with teamwork, long hours and an energetic drive. Leviathansoul and Scobby of the Brotherhood of Sparta spoke at length concerning the production steps and teamwork involved in the undertaking. "We had crews mining around the clock for weeks," Leviathansoul said.  "We had people combing GalNet for any information on the ship, and prebuilt as many modules as we could.  Each one of the team put in 120%, which is just like they always do." One reason this was possible was that "each of us treats the other like we are family," said Psychosis Viper, "Families work together."

"We had a pilot waiting in ORE space for the release of the blueprints," Scobby said. "As soon as they were released, he flew here as fast as possible in a recon ship, so we didn't have to worry as much."

Upon completion the ship was immediately commissioned and put to use in the belts of Querious.

With continuous round the clock mining shifts Brotherhood of Sparta has already reaped many benefits from the ship.  "We've got lots of big plans," said Scobby.  "More Orcas and lots of other ships [to build], we'd like to be the ones to build the first of all the new [ship types to come]."