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Caldari Corporation Announces Breakthrough In Jump Drive Technology

2006-07-17 - By Svarthol

Earlier this week the Caldari State corporation InoTech Star Drive Solutions announced that they had successfully achieved a breakthrough in the advancement of interstellar jump drive technology.

Developed as a part of the ongoing research into the advancement and refinement of interstellar travel, InoTech Star Drive Solutions CEO Dr. Inoki Shotsu described the technology as a "terminal point independent jump drive system - or in other words a jump drive that does away with the cynosural field generator at the destination". According to the press release, a number of prototype TPI Jump Drives were installed in several frigate-sized vessels, which were then successfully jumped to destinations in excess of 2 lightyears from their starting point. Dr. Shotsu claimed that there remain only a few minor issues with the technology, and maintains that these problems will be overcome and the new drives ready for public demonstration within two months.

InoTech also announced the commencement of a partnership with the capsuleer corporation APEX Unlimited. When asked what this partnership would provide with respect to the new drive system, Dr. Shotsu responded: "APEX has been instrumental in working out some of the more troublesome aspects of the technology. Their freedom of action has enabled us to cut through the administrative morass and saved us months in the pursuit of our goals."

Although InoTech Star Drive Solutions' technological leap is causing much excitement in the scientific community, it is the strategic implications of InoTech's claims regarding the new drives capabilities that is expected to catch the eye of all the major factions in the EVE cluster. With Dr. Shotsu rumoured to have active ties to the Caldari Navy, with whom he was employed prior to the founding of InoTech Star Drive Solutions, it is widely believed that the Caldari state will be the first to reap the benefits of the new technology.