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Call for Candidates - the fourth Council of Stellar Management

2009-09-29 - By CCP Xhagen

Is it that time once more?

Yes it is!

Soon we will open the candidate applications page for the fourth term of the CSM (details of dates below). Like the three terms before, the full name and location of the candidate will be published, along with the candidate's character name, URL and campaign message. All candidates have to submit a scan of their valid passport in order to be considered eligible candidates and be 21 years of age or more. Furthermore, it is very important to have 100% correct and up to date ownership information on all of your user accounts, as all of them will be checked.

Why should you run for the CSM?

Because you affect EVE, both in the short term and in the long run. The best example of that is the upcoming changes to 0.0 sovereignty (here and here)-- the first two CSMs have laid the groundwork for a complete overhaul of that mechanic and is now showing the fruits of that labor. The third CSM was directly involved in a brainstorming session regarding the current ideas and possible future additions to the mechanics of 0.0.

Furthermore it needs to be noted that roughly 60% of all issues brought up by the CSM have either been already added to the game or are on the horizon; changes to the UI and Factional Warfare being the largest groups of items not yet slated for release while having been injected to the backlog where they are ready to be processed when the resources are directed to those venues.

What has the CSM done so far?

·         The skill queue. The CSM convinced us to just do it.

·         The new probing system. It has been fine-tuned based largely on CSM's comments.

·         The new ship fitting tool. Where would we be without it?

The unique approach of democratic elections as a selection process for a player council is unheard of -- together we can make history and make EVE a better place for all. 

The CSM white paper and the summary of it can be found if you chase these links.

Following are the important dates for the fourth CSM:

October, 5th. Opening for candidacy runs for the fourth CSM.

October, 19th. Closing for the candidacy applications.

November, 12th. Voting for the fourth CSM opens.

November, 26th. Voting for the fourth CSM closes.

December, 2nd. A permanent announcement made about the results of the fourth CSM elections.

December, 5th 2009, Saturday. The fourth CSM will meet online for the first time.

February, 24th - 28th 2010, Wednesday to Sunday. The fourth CSM arrives in Iceland to speak with CCP.

Throw your hat in the ring - make history.