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Capsuleer Circumnavigates New Eden

2009-04-25 - By Svarthol

Great Wildlands - A capsuleer pilot has completed a successful circumnavigation of New Eden with his ship surviving the journey intact.

DevilDogUSMC of H E L I C O N Alliance travelled clockwise around the entire cluster over four days, following a route made up of some one hundred and eighteen individual waypoints and making no less than five hundred and two jumps in his Helios class covert ops frigate.

When asked why he chose to make such a long and potentially perilous journey, DevilDogUSMC explained, "Since I became a pod pilot five and a half years ago I wanted to explore this universe, but I was put into action with fleet after fleet not ever having the chance. So I decided to take a break from...politics and working with our alliance fleet and went for it. This was a chance for me to show the rest of New Eden that anything can be done as long as you commit to it and work for it."

Speaking of the threat posed by pirates and isolationist null security alliances, DevilDogUSMC recounted some of the riskier parts of the journey; "I ran into camps of all kinds, but the funny thing is they were in areas where I thought I wouldn't see anybody. Delve was clear as a whistle but Fade was in some type of lock down by a group of pirates I had to avoid."

The trip was nearly cut short by a camp in the Feythabolis region. DevilDogUSMC described his assailants' fleet as "Eight ships, and one big Onyx that could eat me whole." The resulting dash to clear the camp came close to the wire. "I just made it past them and cloaked. They saw me too and missed me by five kilometres."

Having successfully completed the trip, DevilDogUSMC informs us that the Helios frigate has since been sold. "It wasn't the ship alone that made the trip. It was me and my friends working on waypoints and keeping me motivated. If it wasn't for H E L I C O N members cheering me on... this wouldn't have been possible."

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