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Castor server update deployed in todays downtime

2004-06-23 - By Svarthol

Update: The fifth Castor Server update was deployed Wednesday, in scheduled downtime. It fixes various stuck problems when entering/leaving solarsystems, some minor fixes to various agent missions, a scalability issue with large chat channels, various power manager modules such as Power Diagnostic were affecting the shield boost bonus of Shield Boost Amplifiers and the penality of Capacitor Power Relays, mass of Amarr frigates has been corrected, deep space frigate NPC's have had their damage type immunities removed, Medium Armor Repairer II has been decreased in CPU need from 50 to 25 and Large Armor Repairer II has been decreased from 90 to 50. We are still auditing turrets, their tracking and falloff especially.

Client patch has been delayed to include further fixes. It will fix deletion of standing if at limit, fix for session change bug with gangs and fixes a mismatch in the way agents and info window/agent lists interpreted skills that modify standings. Note: Server updates are deployed independantly of Client patches. It is only the Client patch that is being delayed.

The Castor patch was deployed during downtime Tuesday the 15th. We are however not adding the 32 new nodes that were quarantined due to the server issues, to be able to debug the patch on identical hardware setups. Patch notes are available here. Known issues are missing market items, threat indication display reversed and turrets being audited. More detailed information can be found on the forums here.

Previous fixes include incorrect threat indicator, corrected sentries, a number of stuck cases (some remaining), fixing many NPC bounties, various standing fixes, trade window fix, fixes to large chat channels, railgun, cruise missile launcher and ballistic control available on market and missiles no longer damage targets they were not explicitly targeted, preventing CONCORD response if missiles accidentally hit containers, corp has default 10 standing towards own corp and members (fixes POS problem), fix to objective of fourth gallente storyline mission.