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Catfight at the local beauty contest.

2005-10-27 - By Svarthol

The Glamour Syndicate has launched it’s first annual Ms. EVE election nearly three weeks ago, sadly this beauty contest has already ended ugly. The last few days the election has been tainted by rumors of corruption, tempers flying high and envious women who cannot bear to see others in the spotlight.

What started as a way of highlighting the importance of beauty and giving credit where credit was due, it seems to have ended in a cheap catfight, sadly without any mud even. The idea of Kaleigh Doyle with this beauty contest was the same as when she has started the Mr. Universe election, to spread entertainment, pleasure and beauty across the community of pilots. We all know that even the most battle hardened pilot can appreciate a pretty face and we have seen some well known combat veterans enter the male version of this election. The responses from the public varied from envious glances on how some appear to be shaven so smoothly, to unexplainable crashes in space caused by very distracted female pilots.

This election hasn’t been a smooth ride at all, the most vocal protester is Siren Shiva, a rather young but loud pilot who has entered the public life a few months ago. Siren Shiva who was a former slave of the Amarr still remains sensitive when people wish to exploit humans for the service and pleasure of others. The Miss EVE election to her is a terrible attempt of degrading women and encouraging people to view people as an object. Although many people remember her only from being the self proclaimed Miss Eve and her close association with the notorious corporation Sniggerdly.
Other people have pointed out that the election is corrupt because the judges are unknown, people who entered after the date were able to contend, people are allowed to represent regions when other questions their loyalty and Kaleigh Doyle is accused of having this election only to gain more political influence on others.

Kaleigh Doyle responded as following when I asked her about all these accusations and if it will change the nature of the election: “No, not in the slightest. The Mr. Universe Competition ran exceptionally smooth under similar circumstances with the exception that the names of the judges will be kept under tight security, as the last group suddenly disappeared without a trace following the conclusion of the event. In its final stage, the Ms. Universe event will continue as scheduled, and next Wednesday will see its first winner”.
All in all we will have to see who will win this election and if the judges have contemplated more then a pretty face as Kaleigh Doyle has said that: “the foundation of this competition is comprised of questions regarding personal opinions on various subjects ranging from politics to philosophy. We value not only the external characteristics of the participant, but their ability to create inspiring responses to our questions”.