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CCP Devs in Podcast on Fanfest and more.

2009-06-03 - By Svarthol

CCP Claw, CCP Tyr and CCP StevieSG are some of the brave souls deeply involved in bringing you Fanfest. If you considered going, already have your tickets or are afraid to head to The Party At The Top of The World that is guaranteed to live up to the hype, you should listen to the interview in The Drone Bay podcast. The podcast will be available at 8:00pm Thursday EVEtime. It will also be appearing, in its entirety, on EVE RADIO directly afterwards as well as Split Infinity and New Eden Radio over the next few days. Also those who are interested in Alliance Tournament VII will be glad to hear that the gang, along with CCP Soundwave, will be live on Eve Radio directly after the podcast to talk all things Alliance Tournament.

Listen in, book your tickets for Oct 1-3 and start gathering in-game ISK to pay for your Fanfest pass via PLEX. Learn even more at the Fanfest site.