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CCP Games - Not so small anymore

2006-05-29 - By kieron

Three years! EVE Online recently celebrated the third anniversary of her launch and is showing no signs of slowing down. We are rapidly approaching 125k active subscriptions, broke the concurrent user record again (over 26k players online at the same time) and Serenity opening to the public is in the near future.

CCP Games has been keeping pace with the growth of EVE and the EVE community. Recently, CCP hired a Human Resources Manager, Helgi Már, to oversee the well being of the staff and to bring new staff into CCP. He has done an outstanding job and is one of the primary reasons for this Dev Blog.

Today, CCP passed a significant milestone, as 4 new employees were assimilated, thus bringing the staff to over 100. Not too bad for a company that was cooked up by three people in someone's living room. I'm writing this Blog to tell the community about 2 of the new employees because they came from ISD.

First, one of the STAR leads, Xamother, has joined the GM team. Xamother has been a member of the EVE community since launch and with ISD for longer than that. He has been steadfastly dedicated to Customer Support, great working behind the scenes and an asset whom I will be hard pressed to find a replacement for.

As the size of the community increases, so does the need to support the community. The other new hire from ISD is someone most of the community is familiar with. Made famous (infamous?) by a Winterblink comic, Wrangler is joining the CCP team as the Assistant Community Manager. Wrangler has been with the forum moderation team since its inception and has made an impact on the EVE community in his own special way.

This brings about a nice segueway into further employment opportunities with CCP. Helgi Már has been updating the CCP Jobs page with new openings as they become available. I would also like to give some advance information on a new Internship program that will be available in the near future. Interns will be given the opportunity to work at the CCP office for a minimum of 3 months, housed in an apartment for the intern staff, be paid a small monthly allowance and receive employment experience working on the best MMOG in the industry. Many new CCP staff will come from the Intern program, as has been the case for a number of Developers. More information and a formal announcement will be available in the very near future.

FInally, Helgi has asked anyone that has submitted a CV to to resubmit their application. Some of the apps go back a very long time, and it would make Helgi's job a lot easier to know who is still interested in a position with CCP Games. If you have further questions about potential employment, please e-mail Helgi.