CCP invades San Francisco and GDC, March 9-13 | EVE Online

CCP invades San Francisco and GDC, March 9-13

2010-03-09 - By Svarthol

A small army of developers from CCP will be at GDC San Francisco (Game Developer's Conference), March 9-13. Specifically booth #2505 in the Career Pavilion in the South Hall. As you can imagine, we'll be doing some heavy recruiting, some interviews and lots of note-taking. We'll also be talking shop on Tyrannis and would love to chat with any EVE fans who make the trip.

Powerpoints are prepared and black dev shirts have been ironed. Come join us at any of the four speaking sessions we'll be a part of--from fighting the good fight against RMT to cloth simulation and from scaling EVE's universe to scaling CCP itself.

*The offending use of Frisco in the title has been removed and I humbly apologize. I am at your mercy, residents of the City by the Bay - CCP Manifest