CCPTV's Techstravaganza - Live on Twitch | EVE Online

CCPTV's Techstravaganza - Live on Twitch

2020-06-09 - By CCP Fleebix

Ever wanted to know more about the technology behind EVE Online? Now’s your chance. This Wednesday 10 June at 19:00 UTC, CCPTV will play host to an EVE Online Techstravaganza, with five of CCP’s tech developers in attendance.

CCP Vertex, CCP Explorer, CCP Tuxford, CCP Merovingian and CCP Chimichanga will join CCP Fleebix and CCP Convict for an in-depth chat about everything that makes New Eden tick and even going into CCP's R&D process.

As always, there will be a Q&A session on Twitch as well.

Fly safe and see you on Wednesday!