Celebrating the Creative Player II | EVE Online

Celebrating the Creative Player II

2010-11-30 - By CCP Fallout

Hello, creative Capsuleers! It is time for another edition of the EVE Online Community team's monthly blog celebrating the creative player. I'm your host, CCP Fallout, and together with my wonderful ever-smiling partner, CCP Zymurgist, we hope to showcase some amazing work EVE Online players have created.

Everyone seems to be completely in love with the new Character Creator, which is periodically being tested on the Singularity test server and will make its way to Tranquility with January's release of the EVE Online: Incursion expansion. Even Kotaku is in love with it! Showcased in that article is this gorgeous video by YouTube user sarmatiko, which really shows how detailed you can get when designing your face.

sarmatiko also created a video featuring a female character in the creator back in October. Keep your hands atop your desks, gentlemen!

vexxus5 has created a four race-based videos in a series called "Raise the Flag":

Creativity can express itself in so many different ways visually. Minecraft, which is a game that so many people (including many in the office) are addicted to, has been visited by the Gallente recently. davelantor created this amazing Gallente shuttle in the game, and gives us an inside view on what really makes that bad boy fly.

The EVE Report is a site that I recently added to my feeds list. This community blog features a lot of great news items about our favorite game and players, but also has its very own podcast. What really grabbed my attention however, was a new feature they have on their site. Last time, I mentioned Crazy Kinux's amazing blog pack. The EVE Report does something similar, but with podcasts. For those of you who enjoy aural stimulations, check out their EVE Pod Pack page. A great resource for active podcasts, it also features podcasts of yore and new podcasts.

Speaking of podcasts, Crazy Kinux dropped me a line via Twitter recently to let me know that both he and Maeve Trinity not only have a new podcast, New Eden Chronicles, in the works, but wanted you to know that there will be two additional hosts as well. Congratulations to Memoocan and Ardwulf on their inclusion in the NEC team!

Remember, if you create something that you'd like to share with the EVE Online community, we encourage you to create a post in the My EVE channel.  Until next time, fly safely!