Celebrating the Creative Player IV | EVE Online

Celebrating the Creative Player IV

2011-01-31 - By CCP Fallout

Welcome to the fourth edition of the "Celebrating the Creative Player" series of blogs. I'm your host, CCP Fallout, and this is my lovely co-writer, CCP Zymurgist, and together we are bringing you some of the best, most interesting and downright cool creations we've come across over the last month.

If you follow me on Twitter (@CCP_Fallout), you know of my almost unhealthy love of flowcharts. A good flow chart is not just informative, but efficiently elegant in the way it presents information, and almost always gorgeous to look at. And then there's "What to Do in EVE Online," the first great EVE Online flowchart of 2011. This amazing work of art isn't just geared towards new players, but old as well, especially those who would like to do something different and aren't sure how to move towards their new goal. Almost every processing step is hyperlinked to a page that has tons of information about the topic in question. This flowchart helps bring cruise control to Internet spaceships.

If you become inspired by the flowchart to run missions, then this next creation is for you. EVE Mission is a new program from The Defector that allows players to view missions, find out the total bounties they can receive and allow them to factor in corporation tax. It is an awesome way to keep track of your mission profits from bounties and help improve your profit. Read more about it and learn how you can obtain a copy by checking out this forum thread.

Zymurgist just poked me in the ribs. He's reminding me to include this video series in the blog that I recently came across. The "Let's Play EVE Online" videos by DrOgres are an excellent way to learn how to play EVE Online regardless of your level of experience.

EVE Online: Incursion 1.1.0 brought the new character creator to the masses, and players have continued to wow us with their amazingly gorgeous (and sometimes not so gorgeous) portrait creations. The forums have been a complete inferno of discussion regarding the detailed eye candy players and developers have made, and it hasn't taken long for a new Web site to hit the Intertubes featuring the beauty that is The Babes of New Eden. This "Hot or Not" site allows you to vote on your favorite female portraits, proving, once again, that life in space can be quite lonely.

What if you're male? Then you'd definitely want to check out EVE Universe, which allows you to vote on both genders. You will need to use the in-game browser for this site, so log in and vote on your favorites!

Whether or not you create a male or female avatar, you may want to check out EVE Online: Tips for Character Creation. This informative guide has everything from screenshots of what the base faces look like to how you can create your own Mimi from The Drew Carey Show. Please, we don't need any more Mimi's in the EVE Online Universe, so I beg you: do not apply makeup to your character with a trowel... unless you don't mind being voted "not" on Babes of New Eden.

And finally, there's the pod. Everyone has one, but no one really wants to be reminded of theirs. But when Guindel Angeline posted his gorgeous papercraft showcasing his pod art, I was completely floored. It is stunningly gorgeous:

pod by ~Guindel on deviantART

And that's all from Zy and I. Remember, if you create something that you'd like to share with the EVE Online community, we encourage you to create a post in the My EVE channel. 

Fly safely!