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Celestial Apocalypse Closes Operations

2009-04-24 - By Svarthol

Fountain - CEO Darth Solo announced that the veteran combat corporation Celestial Apocalypse [CELES] will be closing.

One of the early anti-pirate corporations of New Eden, [CELES] were also the original founders of the defunct Insurgency [INSRG] alliance which at one time boasted 3,000 pilots and "took on the might of Northern Coalition and downed a RAZOR[-RZR-] titan."

Darth Solo states that [CELES] was originally formed five and a half years ago as an avenue for New Eden's capsuleers to pursue their goals of ship to ship combat: "the corporation was always about being the best at combat", a goal which Solo believes the corporation accomplished. Solo feels that Celestial Apocalypse will always be best known for their "close range battleship [combat]" adding that "we would always be looking for that sort of fight, and we were very rarely ever beaten."

Some of the high points for Celestial Apocalypse, according to Solo, were "killing the famous pirates from M0o [MOO] in a even fight", the pod killing of pirate leader Lord Zap, and his claim that [CELES] was "the first corporation to kill a [Serpentis Faction] capital ship in Fountain."

Some of the lowest points came after the corporation's [and alliance's] early successes against the Northern coalition, with Darth Solo remarking, "ironically they [the low points] were when we won the outposts in Branch, the fighting was over and we knew then we would need to take on the entire Northern Coalition to have fights, a war which we could never win." Additionally, Solo adds: "[The] alliance theft of 85 billion [ISK] was also a bad point". The name of the alleged thief would not be divulged by Darth Solo, but he did say that: "he let us all down, and we just ignore he exists now."

When asked why he would close a corporation that is over a half a decade old and rich in history, Darth Solo remarked: "Like I said earlier, we were the best at what we did, now we are at a stage where combat ability isn't all you need...isk, moons and titans win wars [in null-sec], these are all things for committed corporations who are also good at industry, we were only ever good at combat." Solo continues; "Being average just didn't cut it, and to protect all the great history we have, I had to make a decision, it wasn't easy." Many of the pilots including Darth himself will be moving to a corporation within the Atlas [ATLAS] alliance.

The announcement that [CELES] was closing triggered an outpouring of positive messages from the New Eden capsuleer community, from both friend and foe alike. Darth Solo and all of his pilots at Celestial Apocalypse had this to say in response to all they have flown with and against, "Long live the fighters!"

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