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Champions of the Abyss

2020-07-16 - By CCP Convict

With the arrival of the Abyssal Proving Grounds in New Eden and an exciting quadrant full of conflict ahead of us we’re inviting capsuleers to vie for fame and glory by announcing Champions of the Abyss!

Over the course of Quadrant 3 there are nine Proving Grounds events planned. Each event will have its own unique filament which will work only during the period that event is running. Your victories for each event will be tracked on leaderboard and these leaderboards will be reset before the start of the next event. For more details check out the recent dev blog about the new Proving Filaments feature.


At the conclusion of the final event of Quadrant 3, the number of victories of the top 100 pilots from each of the Proving Grounds events will be added together, and the top 10 characters who have racked up the most wins across all events will be declared the Champions of the Abyss!

The formats for the first three planned events are as follows but may be subject to change:

July 16 - 28: 2v2 Tech One Combat, Attack, and Disruption Cruisers

Ship Types: Omen, Caracal, Thorax, Stabber, Maller, Moa, Vexor, Rupture, Arbitrator, Blackbird, Celestis, Bellicose

July 31 - August 2: Five Player Destroyer Free-for-All

Ship Types: Coercer, Dragoon, Cormorant, Corax, Catalyst, Algos, Thrasher, Talwar, Sunesis

August 7 - 9: Amarr Foundation Day Special Format: 3v3 Imperial Navy Slicers

Ship Types: Imperial Navy Slicer

The preliminary schedule for the rest of the Proving Ground events in Quadrant 3 are as follows (formats TBA):

  • August 14 - 23: Event 4
  • August 28 - 30: Event 5
  • September 4 - 6: Event 6
  • September 11 - 20: Event
  • September 25 - 27: Event 8
  • October 2 - 11: Event 9


Each victory in the Proving Grounds counts as a single point on the leaderboard regardless of the format of the event. So a victory in a 3v3 fight during one event will count as a single point for each member of the victorious team, while in an individual contest such as a 5-way free-for-all, only the overall winner of each battle will receive a point.

The final score used to determine the Champions of the Abyss will be the total of all wins recorded by a given character across all events during quadrant 3. The number of draws and losses will have no affect on your final scores.

Your pathway to victory may lay in complete dominance in just some of the events or consistent performances in all events across the entire quadrant. The ongoing leaderboard for Champions of the Abyss will be tracked in this forum post and updated at the conclusion of each event until we have our final winner.


Similar to the Champions of Lowsec event from back in Quadrant 1, there are some cool rewards for the glorification of the combatants who prove their mettle in these abyssal arenas.

The top 10 characters on the final Champions of the Abyss leaderboard will receive:

  • 1000 PLEX
  • A unique medal commemorating their achievement added to their in-game character sheet

The top 5 characters will also receive:

  • a US$50 voucher and free postage for a single order from the EVE Online Gear Store
  • Their names up in lights on an in-game billboard advertisement celebrating their prowess for all of New Eden to see

In addition to that the top 3 characters will also receive:

  • the EVE Online ship model of their choice from our friends at Mixed Dimensions. The stand for your model will be signed by the development team who worked on the Proving Grounds feature.

And finally, the identity of the overall winner will no doubt become a very hot topic amongst the population of New Eden. That capsuleer can probably expect the most prominent news outlet in the cluster to feature them prominently in an episode to air sometime after the conclusion of Champions of the Abyss!