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Changes to Video Monetization Policy

2015-06-24 - By CCP Falcon

After concerns were raised by members of the community relating to clarity of our policies surrounding giveaways and raffles of ingame items hosted by Twitch streamers, we have amended the Video Monetization Policy to include information regarding what is and is not acceptable in terms of giveaways and raffles used to boost the profile of Twitch channels.

As such, this policy has been renamed the "Monetization of Videos and Streaming Policy" given that it now includes information relating to promotion of twitch channels.

Given that this policy includes changes that will affect some of our streamers and the giveaways that they run, we would like to give seven days of notice regarding this policy change, which will come into effect at 23:59:59 on Wednesday, July 1st 2015.

If you would like to discuss this change in policy, you can do so in this forum thread.