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Chaos Erupts in Seyllin's Cities as Citizens Plea for Help

2009-03-10 - By Svarthol

SEYLLIN 1052 - Unable to receive assistance from Federation dropships, citizens trapped in the underground cities of Seyllin have taken to transmitting their pleas for help in any way they can. Military vessels and civilians alike are now receiving distress calls numbering in the hundreds of thousands from as far as three systems away. Others stuck on the planet are simply capturing and transmitting the surrounding chaos.

One terrible theme has been present throughout each recounting of the events that lead to this disaster: intense heat. As millions more remain desperate to leave the horror, all they can do is plead and hope to whoever will listen, and what few who can help.

One of Seyllin's own holovid networks was rerouted to an auditorium in Southern Cross, where local city administrators tried to use it to organize an orderly evacuation. The broadcast quickly attracted the attention of desperate residents however, and the feed was eventually cut off amidst the chaos of thousands more rushing the already-packed arena. Although badly distorted, pictures captured during the brief transmissions showed firsthand the horror visited upon the people of Seyllin, who were clearly suffering from radiation burns and poisoning.