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Circle-Of-Two Suffers Expensive Losses in Providence and Domain

2010-09-14 - By Svarthol

U-HYMT, Providence - On 112.08.16 a Circle-Of-Two [CO2] Avatar was destroyed together with a small capital and sub-capital support fleet. An Erebus titan also on the field was able to escape.

The Avatar was destroyed by at least 160 pilots coming from 10 different alliances. A high ranking officer in [CO2], who preferred to remain anonymous, claimed that the titans and carriers were 'goofing around' and did not expect the attack.

The CO2 Avatar ship was piloted by Jowan. Together with the titan, CO2 lost three carriers, almost a dozen battlecruisers and a few smaller ships. Although both titan pilots attempted to release their controls and initiate an emergency warp, only the Erebus titan was successful in clearing the field.

The estimated 60 billion ISK loss was not the only expensive hit taken by CO2 in recent weeks. On 112.08.20 an Obelisk freighter piloted by Kurufinve was taken down by a small gang of pilots from Noir. Mercenary Group and Luminance Alliance. The freighter was carrying thirty tech two cruisers, one command ship, approximately seven hundred assorted tech two drones, hundreds of tech two energy weapons, and over two thousand 425mm railguns. The entire loss is roughly estimated to be over eleven billion isk, around half of which remained in the wreck.

Despite repeated attempts, neither Jowan nor Kurufinve were available for comment.

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